Concrete person to person efforts by dedicated volunteers are at the heart of
Barrio Dogs' push to bring human and animal communities into balance.
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Barrio Dogs Youth and Paws
(YAP) Program
Education is key to improving the lives of animals in our community. With our Youth and Paws (YAP) programs, we go into area schools and community centers, often with a therapy dog, to teach children about proper pet care and especially the importance of fixing their pets. These programs are crucial to improving the future of the animals around us and we hope that teaching children to respect and take proper care of their pets and other animals will make them responsible pet owners later in life. Also, in many cases the lessons children learn at school about proper pet care are passed on to their parents and siblings at home.

Barrio Dogs for Better Communities program focuses on Houston's East End community where the organization was found and many of its volunteers live. This low-income, largely Latino area has many roaming and homeless dogs on its streets. Often residents let their pets roam; if the animals are not fixed, they can reproduce and have unwanted litters that may end up on the streets. Accordingly, educating residents about the importance of fixing their pets and when possible, providing financial assistance to do so, is a critical part of Barrio Dogs' mission. Beginning in 2014, Barrio Dogs has been having monthly community awareness days in area parks where volunteers pass out literature door-to-door and sign up pets for free spay and neuter. Barrio Dogs' outreach work includes meeting with civic associations and other community groups to increase awareness about proper pet care, no dumping laws and animal welfare laws.


FixIt 2014 is about educating our East End community about proper animal care and treatment and especially the importance of spaying and neutering their pets. We will also provide free spay and neuter for pets belonging to low income residents living in 77003, 77011, 77012 and 77023 zip codes; in exchange, we will ask the residents to volunteer to help educate others about the importance of fixing their pets.

To learn more about FixIt, please attend one of our scheduled community awareness days.

Barrio Watch Dog is a program where we encourage residents to report animal abuse or neglect to the Houston Police Department or the Houston Humane Society. By providing information and resources for residents, we hope to empower them to take action when they see animal mistreatment and neglect or other problems in their community. Too often, people are unaware of the fact that animal neglect and abuse are crimes.  Barrio Watch Dog's goal is to educate residents about the difference between the proper treatment of pets and other animals and neglect and abuse. We also work with law enforcement in an effort to ensure that complaints about animal mistreatement are handled promptly and appropriately.

Barrio Therapy Dogs - works to bring healthy, trained rescued dogs to area nursing homes, children’s homeless shelters and adult centers to bring companionship as well as comfort and encouragement to people in need. Often, people are inspired to hear how the visiting therapy dog survived extreme difficulties, disease and danger and became a loving service dog. Therapy dogs can provide a much change of pace for bpth adults and children at these facilities.


A Home for All -While we are not a rescue group, Barrio Dogs has helped many suffering street animals in our community.  Our main focus is to educate, empower and transform Houston's East End.  A Home for All is our program devoted to finding fosters or forever homes for these animals rescued in the course of pursuing our other programs.







Barrio Dogs Tales to Tails reading program allows children to do one-on-reading sessions with a therapy dog and in the process, increase their confidence and fluency in reading. They love meeting our Rescue Education Ambassador Dogs (R.E.A.D)

KIPP Students learn about animal overpopulation. Summer 2014

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