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Barrio Dogs Youth Programs – Education is key to improving the lives of animals in our community. With our Youth and Paws (YAP) programs, we go into area schools from elementary to college levels and community centers, often with a therapy dog, to teach children about proper pet care and especially the importance of fixing their pets. These programs are crucial to improving the future of the animals around us and we hope that teaching children to respect and take proper care of their pets and other animals will make them responsible pet owners later in life.


 Also, in many cases the lessons children learn at school about proper pet care are passed on to their parents and siblings at home. Our other youth program,
Tales to Tails, allows children to do one-on-reading sessions with a therapy dog and in the process, increase a child's confidence and fluency in reading.

Barrio Dogs’ education programs have directly impacted our neighborhood and the lives of our students and their pets. After participating in the Youth and Paws programs, several of our students chose to volunteer in community awareness projects with Barrio Dogs and some chose to foster or adopt. 
However, the greatest impact Barrio Dogs has had on our students is the building of understanding and compassion for the few who previously viewed their pets only as property and not necessarily a living thinking being in need of companionship and proper care. 
For example, the Youth & Paws program has successfully convinced many of our students to persuade their families to spay and neuter pets previously allowed to breed repeatedly or to unchain pets formerly tied to poles in the yard.  The long term impact of these programs will make the East End a safer and more pet friendly neighborhood for our students to call home.”


              — Rachel Purdom
                KIPP Houston

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