Volunteer Waiver and Release - (PDF format)  (Word .docx format)

Independent Rescuer  Adoption Contract - (PDF format)  (Word .docx format)

Foster Application - (PDF format)

Adoption Application - (PDF format)



Be Your Own Hero - English - Page One - Page Two

Be Your Own Hero - Spanish - Page One - Page Two

Fix It! 2012 - English or Spanish

Spay, Neuter and Leash Your Dog  - No More Chains - English

    Page One - Page Two

Spay, Neuter and Leash Your Dog  - No More Chains - Spanish

    Page One - Page Two


Community Resources

Before You Take Me Home - English or Spanish

Don't Dump Your Dog - English or Spanish

No Chains! - Page One - Page Two

Be Kind to Animals - English - Spanish

Fireworks are Noisy - English - Spanish

Hey Kids! - English - Spanish

Its HOT in your Car!  - English - Spanish

Stop the Overpopulation! - English - Spanish



 Barrio Tails Fall 2012

 Barrio Tails Summer 2012

 Barrio Tails Winter 2013

 Barrio Tails Spring 2013


Download the

Community Handbook


Community Handbook -

You Can Make a   Difference





More Resources

Barrio Watch Dog - English or Spanish

Reporting abuse, mistreatment and neglect - English

Did You Find a Dog?

Independent Rescuers - Adoption  Application

Help Us Make a Difference - English

Spay/Neuter Resources - English & Spanish .PDF format

Ways You Can Help Barrio Dogs

Barrio Watch Dog Door Hanger - English - Spanish

Prevent Parvo & Distemper Poster - Vaccinate your dog!


Resources for Kids

Flipbooks for kids.

View on-line, or download


Pinto Gives Back

(Download the PDF - Bi-Lingual)


Rusty's Journey - A Coloring Book

(Download the PDF- Bi-lingual)


Copper- The heart of a Survivor

(Download the PDF)









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