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 Barrio Dogs has been working in Houston’s Greater East End since 2010 with the mission of raising awareness about proper animal care and the importance of spaying and neutering pets. We teach residents that animal birth control and humane treatment and care of pets will create safer, healthier, higher property value communities for themselves and their families. Click the movie poster at right to watch our new video: A Tail of Two Cities


While we are not a rescue group, we have rescued many street dogs that were in especially bad physical condition, nursed them back to health and found them homes. By focusing on the reasons why homeless animals exist, we shed light on other community problems and possible long-term solutions.




Our message is consistent: The only lasting solution to animal overpopulation is spay and neuter of pets and other animals.

Our educational work takes place in area parks, ice houses and schools. We reach out to the community with neighborhood events that go to the heart of the problem of homeless neglected animals. With our Youth and Paws (YAP) programs, we go into schools and community centers, often with a therapy dog, to teach children about proper pet care and the importance of fixing their pets. We hope that teaching children will not only make them responsible pet owners but the lessons will be passed on to their parents and siblings at home.









Realizing that often the will is present to help but the resources are absent, Barrio Dogs raises funds to provide assistance to pet owners. Since 2010 we have fixed approximately 3,000 animals belonging to low-income residents free of charge. (FIX-IT)


Barrio Watchdog is a program where we encourage residents to report animal abuse or neglect they witness to the police or the Houston Humane Society. By providing information and resources, we empower residents to take action when they see animal mistreatment and neglect or other problems in their community.



Barrio Dogs' approach has resonated with many people, not just animal lovers. Encouraging someone to pick up the telephone and call the authorities when he or she sees an abused or neglected animal can transform the lives of animals. Responsible pet ownership can increase community self-esteem and impact the source of animal overpopulation. We are hopeful that these small steps will eventually bring about a big change.


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